Principal's message

Hester Hill
The school will endeavour to provide each learner with the skills necessary in an ever accelerating business world.
With its Christian foundation as its starting point and an plausible vision for the future, Midstream College will venture into
the future with purpose.


Midstream College was the dream of the developers of the Midstream Estate, the Bondev Group. The directors are Johan van
Wyk, Jan Zeederberg, Riaan Botma and Chris Smith.
With quality education and development demands in mind, it was decided that the Latin word Excellentia, which means
excellence, would be the motto of the school. The school badge is a combination of landmarks from the area: the bridges over the
stream, the highveld ridges and the towers at the entrance to Midstream.
After much deliberation it was decided that the College would be a parallel medium institution. Midstream College Primary School
was officially opened on 17 January 2006,with Mr V Harmse as headmaster. There were originally 21 teachers and 370 learners
from Grade 1 to Grade 7.
Midstream College Primary School’s school song was written and composed by our very talented music teacher, Mrs Antoinette
Holford. The school hall was officially opened on 19 January 2007 and the Bondev pavillion was officially opened in November
Midstream College currently consists of Midstream Pre-Primary School, Midstream College Primary School and Midstream College
Secondary School.

Mission statement

This independent school will endeavour to provide each learner with the skills necessary in an ever accelerating changing world.
We strive to provide a holistic, equal opportunity for the acquisition of knowledge and to encourage growth in academic, physical
and cultural areas of a well-adapted, responsible individual society.
Midstream College Primary School is distinguished by its vision and motto EXCELLENTIA – strive for excellence – which implies the
- education of the highest quality for all learners
- each learner will be regarded and treated as an individual, to realise his/her optimal potential
- development of the learners’ spiritual values – a value system taught to all learners to give them the opportunity to strengthen
   and understand their relationship with God and their fellowmen
- to develop learners physically through healthy team and individual sport participation, in line with their physical abilities
- to provide tuition in the first language to English as well as Afrikaans speaking learners, and also to provide tuition in a second
   language on first language level from grade 3
- to develop learners in acceptance and respect for all cultures
- limiting the numbers of learners in each class to below 30
- appointing only well-trained and inspired educators
- providing the necessary support to learners at every level to realise their potential
- educating learners thoroughly in the basics of all subjects
- using methods of education which will promote independence and creative thinking

Fees 2017

Registration Fee  R400 (primary)  / R500 (secondary)Non-refundable
Deposit  R10 000  (primary) / R11 000 (secondary). The deposit is
refundable should the learner leave Midstream College at the end of the
relevant school year with the understanding that the account has been
settled in full.
Annual school fees  R53 000 per year (primary/Grade 1 - 7) / R5 300 per learner / per month
Should the whole amount be paid before the end of February of the year of enrol-ment, a 5% discount will be granted.
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Terms 2017

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